Abbey Fishponds

Abbey Fishponds is situated within Abingdon itself, towards the Eastern edge, stretching between Radley Road and Audlett Drive. It is designated as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). The site is made up of reed beds, fen and wetland meadow and has historical importance, since it is thought that the ponds supplied fish to Abingdon Abbey in medieval times.

The site is managed by the Earth Trust with regular workparties held by a local volunteer group. Abingdon Green Gym works under the direction of the site warden.

Tasks at this site include, among others, – reed cutting, raking and stacking, maintenance of woodchip paths, clearing overgrown vegetation and litter picking.

The meeting point for Abbey Fishponds is the eastern end of Hadland Road, off Audlett Drive.

View the site location on the Abingdon Green Gym work sites map HERE

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