The Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden, Boars Hill

Elizabeth Daryush was a poetess, the daughter of the poet Robert Bridges. She and her Persian husband lived at the house called Stockwell on Boars Hill and they donated the garden to the Oxford Preservation Trust. A few yards from the entrance is a large pond with two benches beside it and two large sweet chestnut trees. The rest of the garden is mostly rough grassland with trees around the edge and one or two more benches.

We had our first session at this site in 2014 and plan to return regularly. Main tasks at this site are hay raking, cutting and stacking vegetation and the cultivation of wild flowers.

The meeting point here is the lay-by at the entrance to the garden at the junction of the Ridgeway and Sandy Lane.

View the site location on the Abingdon Green Gym work sites map HERE

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