Ock River Path

The Ock River Path (or Ock Valley Walk) extends from central Abingdon besides St Helen’s Church out past the outskirts of the town besides the Tesco store, following the course of the River Ock. The path is managed by the local Vale of the
Vale of the White Horse District Council (VWHDC), while Abingdon Green Gym regularly hold work parties here to assist in maintaining the facility.

Tasks include building and renewing woodchip paths, tree planting, removing overgrown vegetation and litter picking. During the summer months removal of the invasive non-native Himalayan Balsam plant along the river banks to the West of the town is a priority.

There are two separate meeting points for this work site depending upon which end of the path that the tasks are to be undertaken. If meeting at the town end, the location is beside the bridge over the weir at St Helen’s Court. If meeting at the Tesco end, the meeting point is the Davis Langdon car park which can be accessed by taking the road towards the Tesco store off the Marcham Road and then turning in before the Barclays Bank building, and keeping left.

View the site locations on the Abingdon Green Gym work sites map HERE

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